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General Terms and Conditions by

Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean


  1. The terms and conditions below apply to all coaching and mentoring services provided by, a platform and coaching service provided by Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean to any individual or organization (“the client”) and constitute the contract for the service to be provided by Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean for the client. The term ‘coaching’ as here used covers life coaching, personal coaching, physical coaching, nutrition coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, and business coaching for clients and where applicable includes mentoring or supervision services provided for clients, coaches, or others.

  2. Coaching is not medical psychological counselling or any type of therapy nor medical, physical therapy and should not be construed as such.

  3. In return for the fees payable by the client (or by a third party on their behalf), Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean agree to provide the service(s) as described below and by the terms and conditions set out below. The client agrees to pay fees for the service on the terms and conditions set out below (in situations where a third party pays the fees, the third party counts as an agent acting on behalf of the client).

  4. The date that the first coaching session takes place shall be deemed to be the start date for the service. Participation by any individual in the first coaching session constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Responsibility & Commitment

Whether engaged in live coaching or a home study package, the client has sole responsibility for any decisions they may make following coaching with Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean. Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean accept no liability for the client’s actions. Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean have no liability for any injury or loss incurred by any client, whether financial or otherwise, following commencement of coaching sessions or based on any advice or documentation given by Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean either in the webpage, blog, Facebook group, at an event, or for any perceived failure by the client, whether justified or otherwise, to achieve a material improvement in quality of life or to achieve their desired outcomes or goals.

Nothing expressed, written, or implied through this should be considered as medical advice for dealing with any given medical condition. The information received can not replace the advice or treatment of a qualified health care practitioner. You also agree that you have been advised to discuss the recommendations with your prescribing physician. It is recommended to every person, before participating in any Service(s), to undergo a complete physical examination by their physician.

Counselling and mental coaching offered under these Terms are acknowledged and understood to be of a strictly non-medical and non-psychological nature and are accepted solely and exclusively for instructional purposes only. Suggestions made for diet and/or supplement products are general recommendations made with the intention of enhancing general health, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease.

Prior to engaging in any service, you have either:

I. Received a physician’s permission or clearance to participate in the Services after having a physical examination; or

ii. Knowingly and voluntarily decided to participate in this training program without the approval of a physician


  1. Personal information or business information supplied to Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean by the client in coaching sessions will be treated as confidential.  It will not be disclosed to a third party.

  2. Any documentation and information relating to the client will be held according to the Data Protection Act 1998 and other binding legal requirements, except as permitted by the client in writing or as required by law.


Workshop Programs

  1. Coaching will take place via Facebook, Skype, email, or Zoom. The client is responsible for any call-related charges. Clients will be responsible for the cost of connecting to their Internet Service Provider.

  2. Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean may assign the client tasks or exercises to complete between coaching sessions. There is no obligation on the client to complete these tasks, but not doing so may slow the client’s progress in gaining improved quality of life or achieving desired business or personal outcomes or physical and well-being goals.

  3. There may be occasions when Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean may recommend to the client that they seek an alternative service more suited to their current needs. In this event, Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean will fully discuss the reasons for the recommendation with the client. It is the client’s sole responsibility to decide whether to follow the recommendation and Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean do not accept any liability for the outcome of any decisions the client chooses to make.


  1. The client may terminate their coaching contract at any time in writing. No refunds will be due, however. Any services that have yet to be provided at the time of cancellation will therefore be deemed as having been provided.

  2. In the event of extraordinary circumstances occurring that prevent Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean from providing their services as contracted, then Farzana Kazi-Hossain  and Nathalie Grandjean shall be required to refund any outstanding fees due for services not rendered.

  3. Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean can elect to terminate the service to the client early or refuse to provide any further support

Trademarks, Copyright, and Confidentiality

All information, text, graphics, video, sound clips, software, and other material of this website and all manuals, training, and coaching materials provided by Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean are Copyright © Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks, service marks, and logos used in this website are the property of their respective owners.

You must not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, frame, upload to a third party, post, transmit or distribute this Content in any way except as expressly provided for on this website or expressly authorized in writing by Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie



Your enrolment at is conditional on you not competing with us in any way. We support each and every one of you in their pursuit of building a positive mindset and a positive body and approach to nutrition. However, we do not support the setting up of a coaching program that is in direct competition with us. We consider any coach training program that reproduces the content and format of the workshops to be in direct competition.


We will provide distance and online learning for coach training and related educational services (the “Services”), and a “License” to use our coaching techniques and Client Materials, to you for the Fee and according to the commencement and syllabus terms set out on the web pages describing each course.

Payment of the Fees, and Late Fees

Payment may be made one week prior to the start of any workshops. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your registration for a course if we have not received payment of the Fees strictly in accordance with the payment schedule you elect.

We also draw your attention that no registration will be confirmed before payment is received. Please find below the information for payment of your workshop, should you not wish

to pay via PayPal:

UBS Switzerland

Address: 1630 Bulle

Nathalie Grandjean

IBAN CH53 0026 6266 6070 5840 D

On payment of the Fees, you will receive a confirmation of registration and you will be invited to join your corresponding Facebook Private Group as well as a welcome email.


 Legal Disclaimer

The information on this site is for personal knowledge and development only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice and does not constitute a legal opinion or legal advice for any purposes. You must not rely on the information on this site as a legal opinion or advice and you are urged to consult with a qualified legal practitioner.

General Disclaimer

The Content, the Services, and all information presented on this website are solely for personal knowledge and development, and training of you as a coach. You are urged to perform independent research and to seek expert advice on the topics presented on this site. You must not rely on the information presented on this site as your sole source of information on any topic; your reliance on such information is strictly at your own risk.

Bad behaviour will not be tolerated

Within this group, we will not tolerate the distribution of (by whatever means) content that is libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, illegal, or that we otherwise deem distasteful or objectionable (at our sole discretion).

You are not permitted to use our chat areas, bulletin boards, or E-mail service in any commercial manner. Any commercial solicitation by you of our other uses is prohibited. Guests are solely responsible for the content of their own messages.

Violation of this clause may, at the discretion of Farzana Kazi-Hossain or Nathalie Grand, result in suspension or cancellation of your course without refund.

Recording of Weekly Group Training Classes

The Facebook lives are generally recorded. Clients agree to such recording without us giving you notice. We are also committed to creating a safe space to enable our clients to train freely. All recordings will remain in the private Facebook group and none will be used for commercial use.

Please refer to Facebook’s Terms of Use and Privacy conditions for further information. Nathalie Grand is not responsible for the usage of your data done by Facebook.


Farzana Kazi-Hossain and Nathalie Grandjean

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