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Journey into Nutrition, Movement and a Positive Mindset

5th June 2023

Feeling depleted and want to feel good from the inside out?

Feeling lost and don't know where to start?

Tired of constantly running around? Mental to-do list draining you?

Want to feel more energized, mentally, and physically?

Want to win back your energy and thrive?

Let us empower You!

Not only is it possible but absolutely within your grasp!

Once you get the basics back on track, the rest just falls into place.

Join us to learn how to build a healthy daily routine; to discover what inspires you, regain your mental and physical energy, and how to fuel your body with the right nutrients.

We will teach you the basics and most importantly we will teach you how to build long-lasting healthy habits for you to empower you to be the best version of yourself.

We unite our knowledge to bring you a custom-made workshop with the latest findings on nutrition, movement, mental health, and mindset to unleash the inner you!

A mix of physical and mental fitness to kickstart your journey to well-being!

We will teach and accompany you to learn to implement the following in your daily life:

Healthy nutrition to fuel your body with the nutrients and vitamins that you need

Food as fuel to unleash your inner you: learning what balanced nutrition is to reach your goals


How to increase your well-being with fun and evidence-based exercises and nudges


Build long-lasting habits to ensure your future success


Increase your resilience and learn the tricks to a happier, more optimistic outlook


Improve your relationships with easy to implement tips rooted in positive psychology



Positive mindset themes...

 Week #1  

Learning emotion differentiation & the negativity bias


Cultivating the good & creating positive spirals

Mental fitness is an important component of well-being. Let's deep dive into the power of our emotions and their roles.

With awareness, one can learn to distance oneself from the impact of negative emotions & can build a spiral of positive emotions.

 Week #3  

Knowing and using your unique strengths to thrive

We all have unique character strengths. Knowing them and using them contributes to our well-being.

 Week #4  

Using our unique strengths  to connect with others

Character strengths are a tool we all have. Knowing how to use them and spot them can increase our connections to others and help us in challenging situations.

 Week #5 

How to foster positive relationships to enhance well-being

Relationships are a big component of happiness in our lives. Let's learn to foster positive relationships, at home, at work, and with our friends.

 Week #6 

How to deal with drawbacks and stress

Learning to accumulate positive 

resources to be able to buffer adversity and having tools for everyday resilience.

Nutrition to thrive...

 Week #1  

Whole Foods Nutrition and Calorie Management


Importance of Protein

 Week #3  

Electrolytes and Hydration

 Week #4  

Sleep and Recovery

 Week #5  

 Mindful Eating 

 Week #6

Putting It All Together

Learn about whole foods nutrition, calorie management, macronutrients, food labels, tracking calories, and planning healthy meals and snacks.

Explore protein's importance for muscle building, satiety, health, and timing for optimal muscle growth and repair.

Understand electrolytes' importance for hydration, health, recognizing dehydration signs, replenishing electrolytes, and staying hydrated.

 Discover the science of sleep, practical strategies for improving sleep quality, the importance of rest days, active recovery, injury prevention, and incorporating recovery techniques into workouts.

Explore mindfulness and its role in eating behaviors and health, and practical strategies for mindful eating.

Review key concepts, create a personalized nutrition and fitness plan, set realistic goals, track progress, and receive tips for staying motivated and accountable.

Physical activity to support the best version of you...

 Week #1 to Week #6  

Kickstart your fitness 

The movement plan is a 6-week program that focuses on gradually increasing physical activity. It starts with a daily walking plan to build a consistent walking habit.


In Week 2, simple bodyweight exercises are added to te walking plan. The program emphasizes listening to your body, starting with low intensity, and gradually increasing intensity as you progress through the weeks.



Farzana Kazi-Hossain

Founder of Recipe Architect

Executive, Nutritional, Strength & Fitness Coach

find out about Farzana:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Nathalie Grand

Founder of Nathalie Grand

Positive psychology practitioner & resilience expert, personal trainer and nutrition coach

find out about Nathalie:

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  • Instagram


£197 (valid till 18th of May)

6 weeks of live and interactive coaching to unleash the inner YOU   and take your future into your own hands!

 weekly live videos where the weekly theme will be explained and we will directly put it to practice with engaging and fun exercises

an accompanying PDF workbook

a private group where you can interact, ask questions, receive daily support

become part of the alumni group and join others who share the same hopes and willingness to learn!

all videos will be recorded, so everyone can catch up at a time convenient for them


Who is this workshop for?

This 6 week’s workshop is open to anyone, whether or not you have prior knowledge of nutrition, physical therapy, or psychology. We aim to give you the tools to a better you and to train them together to build long-lasting habits. Our shared experience (and the latest scientific research!) ​taught us that success is stronger when we are not alone in our efforts and when we are surrounded by accountability partners.

Why only an online format?

We all have busy lives and from our experience, allowing every participant to check in depending on

their schedule, allows the biggest success. An online format ensures we remove all the frictions

preventing us to reach our goals. Research shows that the more friction we add or create (for

example, having to drive half an hour to a meeting place), the less likely we will be able to build long-

lasting habits.

Why group coaching?

Group coaching offers many advantages: we are careful to create psychological safety where everyone feels at ease to express themselves and to learn from one another. Group coaching allows for a safe tribe of like-minded people to freely exchange and learn with a variety of feedback and examples. From our experience, group coaching allows for quicker and more sustainable results than does individual coaching. 

What will I learn?

You will learn proven tools to help you build the best version of yourself. We all have the tools in us, we sometimes need a reminder and a bit of nudge to get back on track. We have designed an all-

rounded workshop, uniting our specific expertise in nutrition, physical therapy, and psychology.

How will I learn?

This is a group coaching program of 6 weeks. Once enrolled, you will have private access to the group, and you will be able to freely interact and ask any questions you might have to your peers.

We have created a dedicated curriculum for this workshop. Each week will have a designated theme, that will build upon the previous one. Each theme will be introduced to you on Monday – through a video, a live, an article or a podcast. Some specific exercises (physical and mental) and tips to practice the theory will be given and we will all practice those during the week. We will have a group live check-in mid-week to share our experiential learnings and get help and feedback when needed.

What if I need more support?

We understand some people like to get the instructions and dive in on their own, and others prefer more support. This is why we have created different memberships. If you want extra support, you can book access to private coaching alongside group coaching. Here are the different options available:


Entry-level: £227

6-week workshop 

(get the early bird for £197 until May  18th).

You get access to all of the groups' weekly activities, access to the live calls, and the workbook.



Basic +customized macros depending on your goals (you choose what you want to achieve (fat loss, body recomposition, build muscles) and we prepare customed macros adapted to you.


Diamond: £697

Basic + Premium + 1 weekly zoom call  (45 minutes) - so 6 sessions in total -  with your coach. This is THE package where you get it all. You will get your customized macros and you can choose if you want to work with your coach on your nutrition plan, your physical activity, or your mindset.

Membership Options

Entry level - £227

Your first step to unleash the inner you!

Your entry level membership! Gives you access to the group, the weekly lives, the exercices, the workbook.
This level is right for you if you want to take part and have self-regulations skills that will help you put aside some time each week to complete the exercices to create long lasting healthy changes. 

Premium level - £397

Need a little more accountability?

Then this option is for you. You get customized macros related to your goals. You get everything that the Entry-level membership gives you, as well as individualized macros. You will fill in a questionnaire before the start of the workshop to discuss your goals and current body composition.  

Diamond level - £697

Want all the extras?

We've got you! You get the whole deal and weekly support and accountability. You get the Entry level and the Premium level combo
 plus a weekly 45-minute call with your coach for extra accountability and to discuss any themes you need help with, whether mindset / mental health-related or physical / nutrition-related.

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Come Join Us

5th June 2023- 16th July 2023

Online Event


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